I have been a successful business owner for over 30 years, I started my path of entrepreneurship in 1988 in the food industry as a restaurant owner, also owned a boutique and a clothing manufacturer shop, and on 2014 I sold my restaurant and started doing taxes, bookkeeping, and accountancy. I love working with numbers and have passion in helping my clients to achieve peace of mind in regard to financial matters. I have experience in determining expenses, ubicating losses, and profits. I have experience with licenses needed, and preparing the paperwork that involves running a successful business.


I assist individuals and businesses with Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping. I have more than 10 years of experience in preparing taxes and over 20 years in bookkeeping. I was a business owner in the food industry for 26 years, which gave me the knowledge and experience of how to help others, to understand how important it is to keep books, in order to file their taxes with confidence and peace of mind.